You don't have to go to awkward meetings or expensive counsellors…


How To Stop Drinking From Home And

Stay Sober For Good


Mark Smith, a former alcohol-addict, has created a step-by-step system to empower you to stop drinking from home, without need to go to AA meetings. It is the complete proven program to stop drinking right now and stay sober for the rest of your life…(authors claim).


Discover How To Become  Alcohol Free Forever™


Quit Drinking from the Privacy of Your Home!

Mark Smith, author of the Alcohol Free Forever: "I have found a way to quit drinking without attending AA-meetings or spending thousands of dollars on professional counseling.

You are going to be so excited to learn what Alcohol Free Forever™ has to teach you."


SHW1 has reviewed Mark's product and provided customer feedback:



Alcohol Free Forever™: Product Review

Mark Smith says, his method called Alcohol Free Forever™’  is teaching how to deal with the effects of the withdrawal syndrome, psychological tricks to re-wire the way the brain thinks about alcohol, how to deal with high-risc situations and much, much more...

According to Mark Smith, his product provides a proven way to have more self-control in life and overcome alcohol addiction for good. It shows how to stop drinking within an hour by using a powerful technique.


Customer feedback


"I'll be recommending your guide..."

quote-tip"After receiving an email from you every day for 35 days, I thought it was my turn to write to you. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for finally helping me quit and that I'll be recommending your guide to two people who I know are struggling with the habit. Like me, they're not people who'd enjoy going to AA meetings so I know they'll be glad to learn about alcohol free forever."

-Sean Roberts (Customer Comments)

"Quit drinking without having to go through humiliating sessions..."

quote-tip"Like you, I had struggled with alcohol abuse for a long time (over 8 years more or less) and I had tried, unsuccessfully, to quit several times.
I just couldn't do meetings – I always felt I didn't belong there even though I know that I did have a problem controlling my drinking.

Your system helped me quit drinking without having to go through humiliating sessions; surprisingly it was much much easier than I thought. I guess the hypnosis audio track really does work. Thank you Mark."

-Jeremy Barnes (Customer Comments)

But, perhaps more importantly is the claim that You will accomplish all of this privately and confidentially in the privacy of your own home, without the need to go to AA or spend thousands on counseling!



The alcohol addiction doesn't just affect the alcoholic:

  • 1. Alcoholism Is A Family & Relationship Destroyer.

  • 2. Alcoholism Is A Career Destroyer.

  • 3. Alcoholism Is A Health & Life Destroyer.



What is Alcohol Free Forever & what’s the secret?

This powerful guide walks you step-by-step through exactly what you need to do to free yourself from your alcohol addiction without going to AA meetings or expensive sessions.

It guides you to have a plan for stopping drinking,  helps you  with psychological changes to set  yourself up for success, teaches you how to recognize and  deal with relapse, what you need to do to start repairing your body....

It works, simply-put, because Mark was in the exact same shoes and he knows exactly what works and what doesn't. (authors claim).

To summarise: Alcohol Free Forever™ is a simple, fast and natural way to stop drinking and stay sober for good… It is the complete proven program to stop drinking fast and stay sober for the rest of your life (authors claim).




Our conclusion:

If you feel a prisoner of your drinking episodes, worried about losing your relationships, job or self-respect and need a simple and effective solution, Alcohol Free Forever is a great option.

But if standard AA meetings and expensive counsellors is how you envisage stopping with drinking, then this probably isn’t for you.

For everyone else…

If you’re ready to try something different Alcohol Free Forever has proven to be a fantastic alternative to the many standard  methods to give up the compulsion to drink.

Here’s what some of Mark’s customers had to say:



"Today I am celebrating my first year sober!"


"I'm not sure what I expected when I joined your program but it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I was able to quit drinking for good, and your daily emails kept me in check and motivated.

Today I am celebrating my first year sober and felt it was right to send you an update. I have gotten over my divorce and came to terms with my loss. I feel stronger every day and look forward to each new day."

-Mary Sheridan (Customer Comments)

"It is now been 30 days and I no longer crave the liquor."


“Alcohol Free Forever is a lifesaver. Your guide was extremely eye-opening and the daily emails made it extremely easy to quit and to establish a routine that did not involve alcohol. The first couple of days were challenging but I was able to deal with the withdrawal symptoms using your techniques and recommendations and every day after that I was desiring alcohol less and less. It is now been 30 days and I no longer crave the liquor. Thank you."

-John McBride (Customer Comments)

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